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App Manager is a light-weight tool designed to simply help the user to batch uninstall and backup applications with the least amount of permissions as possible.
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Removing and relocating apps and data

Uninstalling apps is easy too since you can identify the specific apps you would like to get rid of. This is a handy feature when you have far too many apps on your phone and would like to discard some of them. This makes managing applications quite easy. This app may not necessarily come with all the bells and whistles of other similar apps.

End a Running App — The Easy Way

The primary focus of this app is to help you keep your mobile device sorted and organised. App Manager is simple. People who want a backup app that presents great functionality but is still easy to use would feel at home with App Manager. This app will take backup of your apps and contacts on SD-Card with other features will save it's apk locally and you can again restore it without the need of internet connectivity.

App Manager 3 / Apps to SD Review

I actually have App Manager in my Android device because I find this app very handy in the event that I want to reinstall the app that I previously uninstalled. This app will help me make it easier to install the app in my mobile phone again without the needs to use the internet. View full description. Simple, Yet Effective This app may not necessarily come with all the bells and whistles of other similar apps.

5 best task manager apps for Android

App Features: Google Play Get Android apps, games, and more from Google's official store. Xender Share any file between your phone and PC for free. If you want to remove an app, simply tap the Uninstall button.

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The app should return to its freshly downloaded condition. If an app malfunctions, first tap Clear cache. If that, too, fails to solve the problem, try uninstalling the app by tapping Uninstall , restarting your device, and reinstalling the app. In lieu of uninstalling apps to free up internal storage space on your device, you can move apps to a MicroSD card.

Top 6 Android App Manager: Manager All Apps on Your Android Device Effortlessly

This simple tool scans the apps installed on your device and lists the ones that you can transfer to SD Card without hazard. After a few moments, the app will reside on your SD Card. To ensure that your device stores new photos and videos on your SD Card automatically, open your camera app and navigate to its settings menu this will vary from device to device.

Tap and hold it, and in the resulting menu, select Move. The procedure for entering recovery mode varies from device to device, but it usually entails powering the device down, and holding some combination of buttons while powering the device back on. On a Samsung Galaxy Note II , for example, you launch recovery mode by powering down the phone and then holding down the home and volume up buttons while simultaneously pressing the power button.

Wiping the cache partition removes app components, temporary files, and other random bits of data stored in the cache, but the cache will automatically rebuild with fresh data when you reboot your phone and begin using your apps. But consider this your last resort: If that outcome is acceptable to you, enter recovery mode on your device and choose the options to wipe cache and wipe data.

Top 6 Android App Managers: Manager All Apps on Your Android Device with Ease-

When you reboot your device, it will behave as though you were powering it up for the first time. This story, "How to manage and repair your Android apps" was originally published by TechHive.

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