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StephenM - which Android version your running? Remember that things become different specially from icon starting from Lollipop to the latest Android version, so I would not be surprise if people seing different background icon in the latest Android version. Patrick Patrick 1 6. I'm also using Android Studio 3. Looks like we are no longer allow to make an icon base on what we want.

This is not working. Android Studio 3.

Creating adaptive icons in XML

Worked for me in Android Studio 3. It showed up in the Image Asset generator as black, but it is transparent when I deploy my app. You have two ways: These are the steps I took to make an image transparent: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

Create app icons with Image Asset Studio

Sign up using Email and Password. I am trying to set my app logo using image asset in android studio. This is because if I put my app logo directly in drawable or mipmap, then it causes many problems like: While trying to set my app's logo using image asset, I am facing a problem: I can't keep app logo's background transparent.

I have a png logo made in photoshop and I want to set this as my app logo and I don't want any background but android studio image asset doesn't provide any option to remove background.

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  • android ic launcher web png;

I tried following solutions from google:. Android 8. The material design guidelines state that the background layer must be opaque in Android O and beyond , as you can see at the bottom of the following citation. So, the adaptive launcher icon for Android 8. Android O icons represent your app on a device's Home and All Apps screens. The following guidelines describe how icons can receive unique visual treatments, animations, and behaviors. Icons consist of two layers: Each layer can animate and receive treatments independently from the other layer. Although launcher icons for 8.

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In the left-side pane above, the following XML files define adaptive launcher icons for Android 8. In Android 8. The sample app "NoAdaptive" is without any resource for the adaptive launcher icons in folder mipmap-anydpi-v26 , and the other app "Adaptive" has the resource.

Additional resources

Although the background color of launcher icon can be transparent in Android 8. Some launcher apps will convert your legacy icon to opaque adaptive icon. The default launcher app is Google Now Launcher , according to its package name com. The background color can be transparent, as in the screenshots of Update 1. The default launcher app is Pixel Launcher , according to its package name com. The background color can be transparent in Recents screen, as in the screenshots below:.

In contrast, AOSP apps are open-source. Most launcher apps in Android are based on the source code of the following launcher apps:. In the git branch oreo-release of Launcher3, LauncherIcons. The flag FeatureFlags. So, the background color of legacy launcher icon depends on this flag, and it can be opaque in some launcher apps such as Pixel Launcher.

If the flag is set to true , a new adaptive launcher icon is created with R. The background layer is a drawable: Though you will see a black background behind the image in Preview window, after pressing Next , Finish and compiling an application you will see a transparent background in Android 5, Android 8. If i didn't get you wrong you have a png file with x px from a Photoshop file and you want to make logo from it for all necessary folders mipmap-xxxhdpi to mipmap-mdpi. The image wil be automatically added to mipmap-mdpi,mipmap-hdpi,mipmap-xhdpi,mipmap-xxhdpi,mipmap-xxxhdpi if you select launcher icon or drawable-mdpi,drawable-hdpi,drawable-xhdpi,drawable-xxhdpi,drawable-xxxhdpi ifyou select other icon optins.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Mangesh 2, 3 33 AndroidDev AndroidDev 6, 20 69 You don't create 9-patch images for launcher icons.

Android Asset Studio - Launcher icon generator

For more information, go through this link here: But just asking out of curiosity, can we use 9-patches for launcher icon? You can get different size for icons: I would create separate images for each one: LDPI should be 36 x MDPI should be 48 x TVDPI should be 64 x HDPI should be 72 x XHDPI should be 96 x Then just put each of them in the separate stalks of the drawable folder.

Where do you put the WED version? Mafro34 I presume you mean the WEB version? When you finally complete your app and upload it onto the Google Play Store, it will ask for you to upload a x app icon. This means that they can then use the icon anywhere around the website and the app in order to advertise your app. Mafro34 They ask for x so that they can then scale the icon down to whatever size they need on the different positions of the app and website, without causing pixelation.

What you have is essentially a snapshot of their evolving requirements. I've created a script that exports Android launcher icons at velara3.

Launcher Icons (Archive)

See developer. Search on the page for, "x 3. However, I've seen a few places. Don't Create 9-patch images for launcher icons. You have to make separate image for each one. WEB x image is used when you upload your android application on Market. Chirag Chirag Skull Jul 28 '14 at 8: Excuse my stupidity, but those units are in pixels right?

Ogen - It is good habit to ask question, yes units are in pixels.

Changing '' in Android Studio

Is it possible to just provide the x version in mipmap-xxxhdpi folder and have the system scale it down appropriately? Thanks for adding sizes for various contexts. Do you have a source for this? No need for third party tools when Android Studio can generate icons for us. Choose a High-res image for the Image file: Gayan Weerakutti Gayan Weerakutti 2, 20 Android Studio seems to generate extra padding around my icons despite I have told it to trim blank spaces and made sure the padding slider is all the way to the left.

A bug with Android Studio maybe or am I missing a step? This method unfortunately sucks because of the extra padding Android Studio puts in Adaptive Icons Starting with Android 8. Don't do it by hand I suppose you could make all of those by hand if you want to, but I have to say that my days of doing that are over.

Suragch Suragch k Will the legacy icons have to be with a background too?