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In a few words, the user sets to discover various codes that can be used to activate and manipulate many settings, such as debug modes, network connections, factory modes, shortcuts and everything that can be found on a phone. This tweak was also available on previous Galaxy models, including the S2 , but it seems that certain tidbits had been changed. Between these two marks, any kind of string can be inserted, but only some of them will actually be recognized by the phone and react.

Most Complete Samsung Galaxy Secret Code List!-

So, besides his own discoveries that are listed in full on the official page and summarized here, anyone owning the GT-I and the SCH-I can try his luck. Those wishing not to rely only on luck can take a more interesting approach, by installing a handful of tools and running custom, deodexed firmware images. It sounds tricky, but the user managed to put together a step by step procedure which explains the method.

Using all those elements, the Android developer found a couple interesting secrets. If you want to have a valid list of secret codes available on your device , you should use an automated secret codes crawler. I recently developped an Open Source app that crawls AndroidManifest.

Most Complete Samsung Galaxy Secret Code List!

But keep in mind that sometimes, secret codes are just executing themselves silently without visual hint. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn't respond to some secret codes Ask Question. USSD and supplementary service Codes: I have a I Please read the last paragraph again.

This is probably a system-specific code, so it works in very specific combinations device hardware, Android version, and some more specifics might be involved. I cannot tell you how to make any of those codes work, nor do I know a code that would do.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo - secret codes.

But you could long-press the power button, and select "restart" from the power menu — which is a much easier solution. You have your answer directly on the link: Thanks for reply.

Galaxy S3 Mini: Secret Codes

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You might wish to update your answers accordingly then, concerning the "full list" ; But agreed, OP seems to specifically care about "group 4" system-specific codes, i.