Iphone 4 ios 5 connect to itunes to use push notifications

I think I just found a simple fix, for this veryanoying problem. (Background: with my iphone the problem started after I reset my iphone.).
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He is not having this issue, but I am. My notifications were working right after the update then randomly stopped about 10 mins after. Same Issue here. Mine worked previously, but after restoring my iPhone to iOS 5, I lost push notifications. Oct 18, 3: I had the same exact thing happen to me last night. I had to reenter my passwords for my email accounts as well.

I am not sure what happened but based on the number of people posting the same problem it sounds like there is an issue with the new iOS. Oct 19, 9: I just opened a discussion on it before I saw this thread. I haven't seen it with any other app so far. It was working fine on my iPhone 4 before I upgraded phones. Maybe it's not just a problem with FMF and I just haven't seen it on other apps yet. Oct 19, 3: I'm also having similar issues, but without the 'itunes message. The biggest issue is with my IM apps. FB and twitter notifications now doing the same thing.

This was not an issue prior to iOS 5. Oct 19, 6: I have the same problem. It's no good because I can't get notifications from any 3rd party apps, only ones that came on the phone. Just got my iPhone 4S, and it is not jailbroken. Oct 20, 4: Oct 20, 7: Same here Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: I forgot to mention my iPhone is NOT jailbroken and has never been jailbroken. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. JadaNiv JadaNiv. I hope this helps EN. View answer in context. Then i tried the one from SirPeet November 19, at 9: And suddenly…..

So the moral of this story is to try a couple of times before giving up. The given solutions might not work at once. Weird because i didnt touch iMessage as far as i know.


Fixing the “Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications” alert in iOS – lyzufefuwuza.tk

I was only alternating between the solutions above. Now, im dont know if the iMessage thingy has anything to do with the push-notifications problem but if the given solutions dont work you might try to fiddle around with iMessage a bit. Could well be related. I installed the 8. Any ideas out there?

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My 4S with IOS 8. Please help Apple! Thanks for sharing! This was driving me nuts!!! The solution fixed the problem!!! I think it started after I updated to iOS 8. Your solution worked like a charm for me, thanks! Thanks a lot!!! A reminder that restarting the phone means holding both sleep button and home button down til the screen goes dark and apple logo comes on immediately.

Didnt work on My iPhone 4…its Tango and subway surf thats giving this problem.

Fixing the “Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications” alert in iOS 7.0.3

Thx a ton. It finally worked for me too! Thank goodness! Nothing worked until I tried these 4 steps: Even though having the latest ios, this has been driving me nuts lately. Thanks much!! You are a genuis! Been looking for solution for days: I used this website at first. However after restarting my device several times, it worked!!! It worked, but not until I did the restart by pressing the home and sleep buttons before I have just be powering the phone off.

I am using iPhone 4s 8. Still same problem persist for me. Pls someone help me to get rid off. It worked for my iphone 5c 8. Very simple but perfect result. When I tried again, the error was fixed. Many thanks to you!! It worked. I was really pissed.

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I almost throw my Iphone because of that notif. Btw thanks. A lot. Worked after the second try!

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You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Ever since updating to iOS 7. To fix this, follow these steps on your iDevice: Restart your iDevice. That should do it at least it did for me.

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How to Fix the Push Notification on an iPhone : Tech Yeah!

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