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No iPhone audio (speaker or earpiece not working)? A simple fix December 5, PM PST backed-up information including text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, etc.
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Stopped in for a Genius bar appointment last night - he does a few things, it works. This morning, not working. Reset the network settings a few times and tried each time, same problem. Speaker works, earpiece doesn't. I'm going to try Telus, Apple Genius figured it might be networking issues, but I'm not holding my breath. My wife has the 32GB Black model and hers works perfectly fine. I also have a light leakage issue just to the right of the earpiece on the display backlighting, I wonder if something was damaged during assembly? Will let you know how it works out. I have not attempted a restore from the cloud, the technician did state he may be concerned with syncing it to a piece of software on my Mac older iPhone software causing a conflict potentially.

Ill do a backup to the cloud and a restore from the cloud later tonight and see if that works. Just out of curiousity: Chris and Eballenger, are you also on 64 GB black models?

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Perhaps we're all part of a single bad batch. I have the 32gb. Just left apple. A guy in front of me same problem.

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They gave me a brandnew phone. Sep 26, 6: I'm having the same exact problem but mine's a 16g. I went to the genius bar this afternoon and obviously it starts working as soon as they call it I tried applying pressure just below earpiece like Brandt suggested and that seems to work so I agree, it's definitely a hardware issue.

Going back tomorrow and hoping it doesnt make me look like a fool again. Oct 1, 5: Having exact same issue with 64 GB black iPhone Cannot hear through earpiece at all! Phone works on speaker , try to switch speaker off and absolutely no sound through earpiece.

iPhone Ear Speaker Not Working! Here’s a Simple Solution

Went to Apple store for help , cannot see me for days. Apple should aknowledge there is a hardware issue and replace immediately!

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Quite disappointed in customer service and quality of this phone.. First apple product I regret purchasing!! Oct 4, 8: My issue was intermittent Earpiece would work occasionaly, sometimes very faint, mostly not at all. I had an appointment with Genius this morning.

This is not a software issue, it is a definitely a hardware problem. Apple checked out the phone and claimed it was a T-Mobile network issue.

T-Mobile has checked their network several times and keeps claiming there was no problem found. Hi Mike.

iPhone Ear Speaker is Not Working: Here’s a Simple Solution - Techzillo

There may be an iOS bug that causes this strange behavior. Here are the steps that you can try to fix the issue. Make sure that iOS and all apps are updated. One of the reasons why Apple releases updates from time to time is to fix issues. The same can be said for some app developers. If you set your phone to not install updates automatically, now is the time to change that. If your iPhone is already running the latest iOS version at this time and all apps are up-to-date, simply skip this step.

Force close the Phone app. Use another voice calling app. Should the issue continue after force closing the native Phone app, see if the problem is replicated when you use a third party app instead. We suggest that you try using official or well built apps like Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts. This is the most effective way to know if the problem is isolated to Apple Phone app or not. Reset all settings. This will ensure that all network settings in your phone are refreshed. Factory reset your device.

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  • No Sound from iPhone? How to Fix Sound Issues on the iPhone 4/4S/5.
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  • Any of the procedures above should have fixed the problem by now. However, in the event that it remains at this point, the last thing that you can do before eventually sending the phone is by wiping the phone clean. This procedure will erase your personal files so be sure to create a backup via iTunes or iCloud first. I am using iPhone 6 since April but for about 7 days, its microphone is not working.

    This means the caller is not able to listen to my voice even when I put it on speaker. Moreover its headphone port also is not able to identify my headphones. Please let me know what to do now!!!! Hi Anirudh. As an end user, you are limited to doing basic software troubleshooting and not much else.

    At root, the problem appears to be that the iPhone "forgets" which mode it is in, erroneously thinking that it should still send audio through the audio jack instead of the earpiece. Failing this fix, try the following:.

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